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Gilligan's Island- Go to the service page and click on ipdb link for pictures


Gilligan's Island 1991
Party Zone
Party Zone has ramps, multiball and 'big bang' feature. Dancing 'Crash Test Dummy' and a selection of tunes to play including 'Pinball Wizard'.


Addams Family



Addams Family Pinball Machine - A classic - the 'thing' to own.



Black Rose
Good pirate themed machine. With lower playfield under the playfield (catapult type) cannon which oscillates when loaded. To be fired by pressing the red fire button. 1992
Dr. Who

Dr Who - Seven Doctors, Davros and the Daleks. Fast action open playfield and video mode. Don't get exterminated!

Creature from the Black Lagoon
Creature from the Black Lagoon is a fifties monster movie theme with music to match. Hologram feature and excellent lighting effects.


Twilight Zone Twilight Zone Pinball Machine - Six ball multiball, including a special ceramic one. A gumball machine and clock. 'Time is a one-way street!' 1993
Judge Dredd
Judge Dredd - Destroy the criminals with crime-fighter Judge Dredd. Six ball multiball, action packed futuristic fun. 1993
Popeye - Go to the service page and click on ipdb link for pictures
Popeye - Family game. 1994
World Cup
World Cup, a classic football game with moving goalkeeper. Feel the atmosphere. 1994
Corvette - Race the Corvette on the drag strip. See and hear the moving model LT5 engine. 1994
Addams Family Gold - Go to the service page and click on ipdb link for pictures

Addams Family Gold


The Shadow
The Shadow - Help the Shadow save the world. Featuring 'Battlefield' and ramp diverters. 7-way combo and excellent video mode. 1994
Theatre of Magic


Theatre of Magic - a 'trunk' full of tricks. A 'levitating woman' and a 'tiger saw'. You must concentrate when you play this game! 1995
Indianapolis 500
Indianapolis 500 an American car race featuring spinning model race car. Excellent sounds. 1995
Who Dunnit?
Who Dunnit? - Collect the clues and bet on the roulette wheel simulation. Then choose a suspect to solve the mystery. 1995
Safe Cracker - Go to the service page and click on ipdb link for pictures

Safe Cracker


Attack from Mars

Attack from Mars. Destroy the flying saucer and save the planet from a Martian attack. Conquer Mars and finally rule the Universe

Scared Stiff
Scared Stiff - Elvira is back. A rotating spider, opening coffin and frog leapers. 1996
NBA Fastbreak - Go to the service page and click on ipdb link for pictures
NBA Fastbreak 1995
Cirqus Voltaire
Cirqus Voltaire is an unusual, colourful, and attractive machine. Featuring a ringmaster and side show. 1997
Champion Pub
Champion Pub - Fist fighting game featuring a skipping rope for the ball to jump over and man that fights the ball back. 1998
Cactus Canyon
Cactus Canyon, the game where you reach for your revolver and get ready to shoot. Use your skills to become the Marshall. 1999

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