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Pinball Parts - Electro-mechanical and Electronic

I currently stock thousands of new, (NOS) and used pinball spares for pinball repairs from the 1950's to present day at competitive prices. It is best to telephone as I have too many to list or email me a photo of the part you require.

I have approximately 45 populated playfields and most additional parts from pinball machines that I have acquired dated from the 50's to the 90's. These parts are for sale to keep pinball alive! Cabinets excluded.

Pinball Manuals and pinball flyers - new and second hand (Stern: Transformers, Avatar, Iron Man, The Rolling Stones, Tron, NBA, Family Guy, Spideman, Spiderman Black, World Poker Tour, 24, CSI, Batman, Sopranos, Grand Prix, Shrek, and Pirates of the Carribean) .- Many more available.

Pinball Machine Glass - enquire.

Coin Door Security Bars.

Various Backglasses available.

Framed Translites, Framed Demolition Man. Framed Rollergames.

Quality lamps, rubbers, (NOS) coils, new coils, used coils, balls, plastics, coin doors, coin mechs - coin controls and S10's (new and old coins) etc., cash boxes from the 50's to the 90's, ball shooters, springs, targets, playfields and populated playfields, backglasses, playfield assemblies, flipper parts, bumper caps, locks, legs, levellers, nuts, bolts, displays, pinball boards, Allteck boards, displays, foam cleaners, Novus 1, 2 and 3, and Millwax.

Many parts can be posted but larger/heavier items will need to be collected e.g. glass etc.

Parts that have been supplied or fitted will not be refunded if subjected to adverse conditions, misuse or accidental or malicious damage.

Contact: 07508 344490

9 am - 5 pm Monday - Friday

1pm to 3 pm Saturday




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