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The Machine-Bride of Pinbot
The Machine Bride of Pinbot is a follow up to Pinbot. Make Pinbot's bride come to life. Complete the four faces for a possible 1 billion points 1991
Terminator 2
Terminator 2 from the Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Load the cannon and shoot the target to commence multi-ball. Jackpots and Super Jackpot. 1991





Hurricane is a fairground theme pinball, featuring a ferris wheel that moves the ball across the playfield. A good family machine. 1991
The Getaway
The Getaway is a driving theme with video mode and red line mania. Get three balls into the 'Supercharger' during multi-ball and see them accelerate at high speed. 1992
Fish Tales


Fish Tales is a fast fishing game featuring ramps, video mode and super jets. 1992
Whitewater - Ride the rapids at 'Wet Willy's' in this fun game. 'Boulder Bash', 'Whirlpool Challenge' and 'Vacation Jackpot'. 1993
Dracula pinball from the Bram Stoker film. An exciting game which is quite difficult but results in high-scores during multi-ball. See the ball glide across the playfield. 'Love never dies'. 1993
Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones action from the three films. Mini-playfield and twelve play modes. 1993
Star Trek (TNG)
Star Trek The Next Generation features two moving cannons during 'Battle Simulation'. Many modes to complete before reaching the 'Final Frontier'. 1993
Demolition Man
Demolition Man is a fast flowing, claw-catching fun from the film. Five awards, which when completed result in 'Demolition Time'. Many combination shots. 1994
Flintstones is a game for all the family. You can go bowling whilst playing pinball with this eye-catching machine. 1994
Roadshow -Wreck roads across the U.S.A. from east to west with Red & Ted. Make it to the west coast and visit as many cities as possible. Features include two talking heads and a shaker motor. 1994
Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry - Help Clint Eastwood make the streets safer. Action packed fun - flows well. 1995
No Fear
No Fear - Listen to Scully and just do it! A fast exciting game with loop shots for millions of points. 1995
Johnny Mnemonic
Johnny Mnemonic - Cyberspace action. Featuring a data glove and a cyber matrix with 9 awards. 1995
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Jack-Bot 1995

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Congo 1995
Arabian Nights
Arabian Nights is a colourful attractive machine featuring a magic carpet and enchanted villages. 1996
Junkyard - Shoot Crazy Bob's crane in the centre of Junkyard for wild multi-ball action. 1997
Medieval Madness
Medieval Madness - Defeat the evil dragon and save the damsel in the tower. See the castle shake. An excellent game. 1997
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No Good Gofers



Monster Bash

Monster Bash has familiar characters and lots of fun. A 'horror' rock show to raise the dead. A very colourful and attractive game.


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